DEC 25, 2021

Sincere and deepest gratitude to the former and new Asian DVD Club members who helped in 2019-2021 to revive our club. Too bad we had to stop finished project and have to part, but unpredictable happens sometimes. Truly hoping that you will find good or at least nearly as good substitutes for Asian DVD Club, if it is possible.

Times and people have changed, that was the reason why Asian DVD Club could not continue. After prior generation retired, cheap internet allowed in nerds with no values, principles or ethics, mainly divided into ignorant and trolls. Concept of own community seems to be long gone.

Beware of any site claiming to be an ADC successor, it's a scam, not known or endorsed by us. Places where users only common interests are to make money on file sharing or each other, have a name: organized piracy. They have nothing to do with ADC and majority of known PT sites.

Part of private tracker's history of 21st century has ADC chapter that now is being concluded. If our closure marks an era ending, next could have only slowly vanishing remains of private tracker dinosaurs.